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Bengal Bouts Quarterfinals: Ring A

, and | Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Justin “Slim Reaper” Darwin of Dillon Hall, def. Charlie “Monk” Alberino of O’Neill Family Hall

The first bout of the night began with some early punches to the head from both sides.  Darwin had the better of the early action, landing some high blows with strong consistency. One punch was so strong it forced an early eight-count, followed by a second after Darwin forced Alberino against the ropes just before the first bell. The freshman Monk showed some impressive resilience as the fight progressed, but was overmatched by the junior Darwin, who threw some late haymakers to seal a victory by unanimous decision.

Nicholas “Nick” Buhay of Dunne Hall, def. Chris Myint of Dillon Hall 

Both boxers had a ton of energy out of the gates, firing wild jab after wild jab in the early going. Buhay quickly tired, though, with Myint connecting with a handful of rights to both the body and head while also defending himself well. Buhay responded well out of the break, connecting with some lefts before an equipment stoppage on the part of Myint. Buhay countered with some lefts of his own after the stoppage, with chants of “Nick” serenading him from some two dozen fans. Myint was the one looking fatigued for most of the third round, with Buhay backing him into the corner and making his fans happy with a unanimous decision win.

Luke “Mantequilla” Slahor of Duncan Hall, def. William “Heisenberg” White of Baumer Hall

Slahor took command of the match early with some punishing lefts, putting White on the defensive. A sharp left sent White stumbling and forced an eight-count. A rapid one-two to the head forced another stoppage early in round two. Slahor continued to pummel White up high, stretching out his dominance through the second round, leading to another eight-count. The third round offered more of the same, as White could not generate any offense. A referee’s decision eventually stopped the fight in round three, with Slahor the clear victor.

Bobby “Sweet Bobby Ray” Fitzpatrick of Alumni Hall, def. Mitch “Mr. Snowman” McDonald of Baumer Hall

Dueling chants of “Snowman” and “Bobby” echoed as the match began. The two juniors had a very calculated start before McDonald landed some headshots. Fitzpatrick did not back down, taking some big swings and connecting on some solid jabs. Fitzpatrick got off to a strong start in round two, but McDonald also proved capable of returning the favor. Late in the round, Fitzpatrick angled McDonald into the corner, ending the second round strong to thunderous chants of “Bobby” despite being treated for a bloody lip during the break. Several huge rights from McDonald gave him some life, but Fitzpatrick did just enough to earn the split-decision win in an electric bout.

Patrick “PSweet” Sweet of Zahm House def. Ayush “The Tandoori Titan” Sindhwani 

Sindhwani connected with an early right, but it was largely a quiet beginning to the fight. Sweet landed some jabs from distance but neither boxer made a strong impression in the opening 90 seconds. Sweet came out of the second round firing on all cylinders, showing an impressive vigor both boxers last in the first round. Sweet backed Sindhwani into the corner and connected on two quick head shots later in the round. Sindhwani was ambushed by “PSweet” early in round three, leading to an eight-count early on. Sindhwani was able to hold off Sweet from overwhelming him further, but “PSweet” still earned the victory via unanimous decision.

“Average” Joe Rozgonyi of Baumer Hall, def. Emanuel “Escobar” Telles Chaves of Siegfried Hall

Rozgonyi landed countless headshots on Telles Chaves throughout round one. While Rozgonyi’s arms flurried towards his opponent’s face, the sophomore from Siegfried Hall would not move off “Average” Joe’s body. Toward the end of the first round and into the second, Rozgonyi began to truly overwhelm Telles Chaves. After a particularly egregious set of face shots, Telles Chaves was forced into a referee count midway through the second frame. Heeding his trainer’s calls, the Rambler worked to keep his defenses up at the start of round three. Nonetheless, the referee had to repeatedly pull Rozgonyi off Telles Chaves down to the final bell. Rozgonyi would emerge a split-decision champion.

Chris “The Delco Destroyer” Zack of Baumer Hall def. Creed “Apollo” Leathers of Fisher Hall

Leathers was all over Zack in the first round, finding every angle into the Baumer Hall junior’s body. After catching his breath, Zack landed some scary punches to kick off the second round. Slowly, Leather pushed the scale back to even midway through the bout. In the final round, the ecstatic Leathers ran about two steps for every one of Zack’s, and the Fisher Hall sophomore succeeded in bloodying the face of his opponent. Yet Zack’s heavy hits proved plenty to carry the day, and the Baumer Buccaneer won by split decision.

Charles “Attilio” Martin def. Cole “Buonanotte” Ceravolo of Baumer Hall

In this senior-against-freshman matchup, the elder in gold, Martin, was unafraid to get after it. Ceravolo stood cool after the initial bull rush, but Martin wouldn’t give up an inch. Though Ceravolo had his strong retorts, “Attilio” put the freshman on his heels and into the ropes during the second round. Martin stood up ready to fight well before Ceravolo when it came time to begin round three — then he had the muscle to back it up. Before the final bell could toll, the referee was forced to stop the match, and Martin took home the victory.

Mike “The Real Big” Guyette of Keough Hall def. Cesar “Showtime” Sanchez of Baumer Hall

Sanchez employed a manifold of punching techniques to keep “The Real Big” at bay out of the gate. At the end of the opening round, Guyette did get payback when Sanchez lost his footing and fell flat down on the ring. Sanchez pulled out a similar strategy in round two, coming in hot at the start. Guyette was done putting up with Sanchez’s style, and he put the junior from Baumer Hall repeatedly on the ropes in round three. The Keough Hall junior won by unanimous decision.

Harry “Soup” Peluso of Keough Hall def. Aidan “Sigma” Francfort of Morrissey Manor

With his balanced athleticism, the Keough Hall sophomore found early success traveling around the ring. Peluso struck early in round two, and Francfort was back on the ropes. The Morrissey Manor sophomore delivered heavy blows, but not enough of them to counter the heavy onslaught of Peluso. Francfort responded with some resolve in round three, even inducing a brief pause, but chances of a win were slim for the sophomore in blue. By referee stoppage, Peluso took home the victory from the gold corner.

 Jesse “Justice” Salazar of Morrissey Manor, def. Brandon Rose 

Rose and Salazar came out swinging, alternately backing each other into a corner. “Justice” landed several swift and well-placed jabs and uppercuts in the second round, taking a number of hits to the face himself. Rose chased Salazar about the ring as both boxers began to tire in the last round, but “Justice” refused to give in. His quick footwork and unrelenting combos earned unanimous victory in the battle.

Nolan ”Toothless” Lyon of Carroll Hall, def. Sean “Wheezy” McAleer of O’Neill Family Hall

After a series of potent punches — some that hit the mark and plenty that missed — Nolan “Toothless” Lyon gained the upper hand over “Wheezy“ in the first round. McAleer matched Lyon as the second round bell rang but quickly lost steam to the “Toothless” torrent. After two eight-counts in round two, Lyon was declared the winner by referee stoppage.

Matthew “Two Cup” Turzai of Keenan Hall def. Roberto “El Patron” Rodriguez 

In the first few tense seconds, Turzai and Rodriguez were both chomping at the bit for an opening, but “Two Cup” capitalized more quickly on his opponent’s vulnerabilities.  He continued this pattern as the rounds went on, first disarming “El Patron” with more basic punches, then closing in with rapid hooks. Though Rodriguez refused to go down without a fight, “Two Cup” controlled the ring from the gold corner and took home a unanimous victory.

Andrew “The Red Scare” Cassidy of Keenan Hall def. Elliot “The Lake” Como of Keough Hall

Cassidy’s calm, collected fighting style initially clashed with Como’s movement around the ring. “The Red Scare” held his ground though, soon dominating the center of the ring and leaving “The Lake” defenseless on its outskirts. Cassidy’s punishing punches led to a decisive victory via a referee-stopped contest in the second round.

Greg “Hitman” DeFalco of Alumni Hall, def. Caden “Cadenator” McDevitt of Morrissey Manor

Both boxers exhibited highly-skilled punches, but DeFalco’s jab-plus-right-hook power combo had no mercy on Caden “Cadenator” McDevitt. In round two, “Hitman” kept powering punches through McDevitt’s gloves and dodging counterattacks. ”Cadenator“ held his own through all three rounds against the senior captain’s barrage, but “Hitman” secured unanimous victory in the end.

Charlie “Scro” Fredian of Duncan Hall def. Richie “Mysterious” Mistichelli of Keenan Hall

Richie “Mysterious” Mistichelli showcased some lengthy combos in the first round, backing “Scro” against the ropes and landing nearly ten consecutive punches. Charlie “Scro” Fredian bit back with his own well-placed hits and technical headshots. Both boxers withstood a good battering and split the judges’ decision, but “Scro” walked out of the ring victorious.

Ryan “Homie” Quan of Morrissey Manor def. Connor “The Hound” Hinkes of Zahm House

“Homie” initially exploded from the gold corner with punches that were anything but friendly. Connor “The Hound” Hinkes answered with his own set of jarring hits, sending “Homie” to his heels several times in the second round. Ryan “Homie” Quan imposed ownership over the ring in the final round, sending “The Hound” tumbling to the ground and solidifying a unanimous victory.

James “Gimme the Shimmie” Lawrence def. Noah “Rapagão” Gagnon

“Gimme the Shimmie” and “Rapagão” traded a series of lateral punches in the first few exchanges. Lawrence gradually forced Gagnon into a defensive shell and took the offensive edge at the end of the first round. Gagnon landed a few hits to the body, but Lawrence’s ability to keep throwing as both boxers tired earned him extra points in the second round. By round three, both boxers slowed, succumbing to fatigue. Gagnon landed some strong punches in round three, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the first two rounds. “Gimme the Shimmie” won by split decision.


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