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Bengal Bouts Quarterfinals: Ring B

, and | Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Bengal Bouts continued with quarterfinal action on Monday night.

Ryan “Lefty” Lally of Dunne Hall def. Patrick “The Farmer” Fitzgerald of Alumni Hall

Fitzgerald’s steady barrage of punches in the first put Lally on the defense early. The round ended in Lally’s favor though with him pushing Fitzgerald into the ropes at the final bell. “Lefty” rode that momentum to take home the second round. The Farmer” gained some ground with a heavy attack early in the third but a late surge by Lally solidified the freshman’s advantage. Out of the gold corner, “Lefty” won by unanimous decision.

Damien “Sauce of the Month” Sylva of Fisher Hall def. Nathan “Short Stack” McLeod of O’Neill Family Hall  

Sylva made his quickness known early, landing a steady series of hits on McLeod. A junior from Fisher Hall, Sylva didn’t waste a moment on the defensive. McLeod was more prepared in the second to block Sylva’s constant attack, but “Sauce of the Month” wore him down with the accuracy of his hits. After a brief series of punches by “Short Stack” in the final round, “Sauce of the Month” finished the bout strong to win by unanimous decision.

Loren “Bird Legz” Hahn def. Hector “Bueno” Juarez of Baumer Hall 

The shorter of the two boxers, Juarez masterfully dodged Hahn’s punches steadily throughout the first round. After a stare-down to kick off the second round, “Bueno” went on the offensive, leaving “Bird Legz” to spend his time fending off the attack. Juarez used the ring to his advantage in the third round, surging at Hahn. A tired Juarez allowed Hahn to land a few hard hits in the third round and it was enough to give “Bird Legz” the win by split decision. 

Jackson “The Stallion” Graham of Stanford Hall def. Andrew “Cowboy” Foote of Dillon Hall

When “Cowboy” came out aggressive at the starting bell, “The Stallion” gave it right back and soon the two boxers were entangled in a battle of who could swing the hardest. Graham relied heavily on a one-two punch in the second to gain the advantage in the bout, but Foote didn’t let up and rotated landing on-target punches on the head and torso. After a final round of coaching, Foote went on the offensive in the third. Graham was yet again ready to hit back and both had moments of energy and assertiveness. Ultimately, Jackson “The Stallion” Graham won by split decision in this battle of physical toughness. 

Alex “JackPotts” Potts of Duncan Hall def. Graham “El Toro” McColgan of Sorin College

“JackPotts” set his eye on the prize and swung early before taking a fall that the referee called off. After an eight-count for McColgan shortly after, both boxers reset to land some punches before the first bell. The second saw both boxers swinging before an immediate rest. McColgan would swing, but Potts would take steps back dodging the initial hits. In the second half of the set, however, Potts landed multiple hits to the head, forcing McColgan into the corner. In the final ten seconds, both boxers were able to land multiple hard hits to end the round. In the final round, McColgan came out swinging, surprising his opponent with his fast and hard swings. Potts was fatigued but able to fight back and both boxers did not quit until the final bell. By split decision, Alex Potts took home the fight.

Generoso “El Oso” Rullo of Knott Hall def. Giovanni “Santino” Ghilotti of Stanford Hall

Both boxers were quick on their feet to start the match, after a swing and dodge from one competitor, the other would do the same. Eventually, Ghilotti would land a few punches on Rullo. In return, Rullo pummeled his opponent with hits, knocking “Santino” into the ropes with no sign of stopping. Rullo started the second round with a series of hard and quick punches. Ghilotti was able to dodge out of it but, Rullo would not give up and again was able to send him to the ropes, before pushing him to the corner. Obviously fatigued, both boxers were giving their all in the final round. Rullo sent his opponent to the ropes before turning around and getting cornered himself. After a break to resolve a bloody nose, both boxers were back at it. And by unanimous decision, Rullo was crowned champion. 

Sean “Peg-Leg” Mullen of Morrissey Manor def. Christian “X” Miller of Knott Hall

The match started off fast, with Mullen throwing quick jabs and Miller dodging them. After a series of hits from Mullen, Miller was trapped and “Peg-Leg” continued with punch after punch. The second match again saw “Peg-Leg” throwing hard and quick hits at his opponent and Miller struggled to evade them. At the start of the final round, Mullen landed a hard punch to the side of Miller’s head. Showing no signs of fatigue, in the last ten seconds Mullen sent Miller to the ropes one last time, and by unanimous decision, Sean Mullen was victorious. 

Rob “The Voodoo Ranger” Rucki of Carroll Hall def. Caz “Manian Devil” Kotsen of Alumni Hall  

Rucki was the first out of his corner, but both boxers were able to dodge the other’s swings proficiently. Kotsen tried to push his opponent back but tripped slightly, and Rucki took advantage. Rucki again ran out of his corner to start the match, but Kotsen was prepared and the “Manian Devil” landed some solid hits. Eventually, Rucki would land some of his own. Within the final seconds, Rucki would send Kotsen to the corner. Kotsen came out swinging, but Rucki would dodge them. Both opponents were determined to give their all in the final round, and Kotsen sent Rucki into the ropes. With ten seconds remaining, the obviously fatigued boxers would give their all, and after the bell rang, the boxers embraced. Ultimately by split decision, Rob Rucki won. 

Tommy “The Tank Engine” Sylvia of Knott Hall def. Michael “Deagle” Nilsen of O’Neill Family Hall 

Sylvia started with two quick throws, which Nilsen was skillfully able to navigate. However, Sylvia managed to throw a series of hits sending his opponent into the ropes. A few seconds later, Sylvia was able to do the same. Nilsen was unable to evade the quick and hard punches Sylvia threw. Nilsen again started off on the defense but was able to land some of his own later in the round. “The Tank Engine” however showed no signs of stopping and sent his opponent into the ropes again. In the final ten seconds, Sylvia threw Nilsen into the ropes and pounded him with hits. With heavy and hard swings, both boxers had a new wave of energy in the final round. However, this burst did not last long, and Sylvia pushed his opponent into the ropes time and time again. By unanimous decision, Sylvia was named the victor. 

Jack “Ghost” Phillips def. Dylan “Cha Cha” Cha of Dunne Hall

Cha, a freshman, showed great tenacity against the senior and club president Jack Phillips, parrying and evading a series of powerful swings. Philips lost his balance at one point and hit the deck, but avoided defensive slip-ups. He controlled the pace, and his offensive barrage led to a few headgear shots that put him in control heading into the third round. Early in the final minute, “Ghost” rose up for a massive right uppercut that set the tone for the round. The third round belonged to the senior, and Phillips continued his run onto the semifinals with a victory by referee stopped contest.

Phil “Il Capo” Pollice of Baumer Hall def. Nicholas “The Italian Bullet” Biondo of Dunne Hall

Both boxers embraced a frenetic pace early. The freshman “Il Capo” landed a couple of early left hooks that set the tone, but Biondo rallied after the referee paused. He drilled Pollice twice before the first bell to garner some momentum. The second round was hotly contested. “The Italian Bullet” found success with more direct jabs, but when his swings got loose, Pollice exposed his defense with thundering hooks. Entering round three, it felt like anyone’s bout. Pollice definitely dominated the final minute, however. The strong finish and stronger blows throughout provided decisive. By unanimous decision, the freshman from Baumer moved on to the semifinals. 

Michael “Money” Winchester def. Dylan “The Shadowman” Latham

Both boxers land solid shots to start the heavyweight quarterfinal. Winchester pushed the pace, but Latham found success on the counterattack. “Money” broke through late in a second round, landing a direct jab to Latham’s chin. “The Shadowman” pushed the pace and delivered a few hard shots to start the final round. Winchester adjusted and countered with a right hook. In a hotly-contested finish, both boxers landed a couple of blows but the decision remained in doubt until the final bell. Ultimately, by split decision, Winchester’s slight edge in the early rounds carried him through to a victory. 

Kian “The Persian Excursion” Shinaver of Keough Hall def. Michael “Crispy Chicken” Rauch of Siegfried Hall

Shinaver pushed the pace early, sneaking an early jab through his opponent’s gloves. Rauch opted for a counterattack-heavy approach, keeping his gloves high and minimizing early damage. “The Persian Excursion” landed an early body shot in the second round, but “Crispy Chicken” continued to find success with strong defense and some counter shots, landing a late headgear blow to keep the bout close. Both boxers demonstrated impressive stamina in a fast-paced final round. Rauch landed more blows but left more defensive gaps, and Shinaver found the holes with frequency in the waning seconds. Shinaver won the hotly contested bout by split decision. 

Josh “More of a Lover Than a Fighter” Williams of St. Edwards Hall def. Jack “Scudboat” Taylor of Dillon Hall

Williams started strong, employing a left jab to right hook combination to land several strong blows early. Taylor snuck through a couple of counter hooks, but he remained largely on the defensive. “Scudboat” found a little more offensive footing in the second round, largely courtesy of a quick left jab that found gaps in Williams’ gloves. “More of a Lover Than a Fighter” continued to deliver his signature combination, and he countered with frequent success. Taylor found more success with his left jab, but he couldn’t stop Williams’ heavy right hook with enough consistency. Williams, a senior captain, continued his title defense with a victory by unanimous decision. 

Ijeh “The Golden Child” Nwaezeapu of Keough Hall def. Raleigh “Silver” Bulleit of Dillon Hall 

Nwaezeapu flashed great agility against a much taller Bulleit and got underneath his opponent’s gloves for a few strong shots early in the first round. Bulleit’s overzealous attack connected on air when the freshman quickly evaded, and the Dillon junior lost balance and hit the deck. A contentious second round saw the referee pause the contest briefly to ensure a clean fight ensued. “The Golden Child” remained quick defensively and controlled the pace, landing a series of combinations. Nwaezeapu wrapped up his opponent when needed and landed a few flurries to seal his victory by unanimous decision in the final minute. 

Nirajan “One Punch” Koirala def. Kevin “For The Brand” Stein of O’Neill Family Hall

The penultimate Ring B round saw a pair of offensively-minded, fast-paced boxers clash. Both landed frequent blows, but Koirala controlled more of the action. Behind calls from his corner to deliver more fundamental jabs and defense, Stein rebounded in the second round and found holes with jabs. Koirala’s wild pace earned him several blows but also a warning for slapping. With the result in doubt, both boxers continued to push the pace. “One Punch” delivered a few looping hooks, and “For the Brand” responded with several jabs. By split decision, Koirala landed just enough shots to earn the victory.

Mattheos “Mattheos” Mattheos of Siegfried Hall, def. Yanni “Quadzilla” Vu of Siegfried Hall

A pair of Siegfried sophomores finished the Ring B action. Mattheos’ longer reach proved an advantage, and he landed a few shots from distance. Vu needed to get closer to score serious blows, and Mattheos largely maintained consistent defense. “Quadzilla” came out much stronger in the second round, pushing his opponent into the corner and connecting on a few right hooks. Mattheos responded well. Backed against the ropes later in the round, he parried a looping hook and responded with several jabs to maintain an advantage. Mattheos did what he needed in the final round. He pushed the pace early and then settled into a more controlled, defense-focused effort to bring home the win by unanimous decision. 

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