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Baraka Bouts: Ring B Semifinal results

, and | Friday, November 10, 2023

Ari Denning | The Observer
Luisa Capobianco throws a punch during her quarterfinals bout on Monday in Dahnke Ballroom.

Caroline “Wasian Persuasion” Landry (Gold) def. Emily “Enemy Jane” Nowak (Blue)

The first matchup of the night from Ring B featured “Enemy Jane,” a senior captain from McGlinn Hall, from the blue corner, and “Wasian Persuasion,” a junior from Lewis Hall, from the gold corner. In the first round, Landry got a few good hits in while Nowak forced her into the corner. Both boxers had to move fast to dodge blows in the second round and Nowak was given a standing eight count at the end. Finishing up, Nowak came out swinging but had a second standing eight count. The fight continued and went to a decision, with Landry winning unanimously.

JJ “Soldier Boy” Jorgensen (Gold) def. Kylie “The Better Jenner” Carney (Blue) 

Next up was “The Better Jenner,” a freshman from Flaherty Hall, boxing against senior captain “Soldier Boy” from Lewis Hall. Jorgensen started out quickly, forcing two standing eight counts on Carney quickly in the first round. Jorgensen had a few right hooks in, knocking Carney to the ground in the second round. In the middle of the second round, the referee stopped the contest and declared Jorgensen the winner. 

Claire “Force One” Ramsey (Gold) vs. Innie “Bunny-T” Ricketts (Blue)

Both boxers came out swinging, landing good blows to start the first round. Ramsey, a graduate student living off campus, landed more shots than Ricketts, a junior from Cavanaugh Hall. Ramsey seemed to aim more for higher shots while Ricketts aimed lower more often. Ramsey continued to land slightly more hits in the second round but the boxers were very evenly matched. The two fought hard until the very end and had two large groups of supporters cheering them on. In the end, Ramsey won in a split decision.

Olivia “Manny” Mancuso (Blue) def. Lauren “Half-Pint” Hubert (Gold)

The first few attempts didn’t connect cleanly as both boxers came out strong defensively. Hubert was firmly dictating the pace, though, showing impressive energy in the opening round. Mancuso did connect on a few noticeable blows late in the first and early in the second round. However, Mancuso fell to the ground midway through the bout, necessitating a stoppage. Both threw a solid amount of punches, but Hubert whiffed on several while Mancuso usually connected. A flurry of quick strikes by Mancuso necessitated a 10-count late in the bout. Those efforts proved to be enough to give Mancuso a unanimous victory.

Ellie “The Hammer” Hammerschmitt (Blue) def. Grace “Haak Attack” Haak (Gold)

Hammerschmitt immediately came on the attack with a thunderous start, forcing a 10-count in less than 10 seconds. The stoppage did anything but stop Hammerschmitt, who quickly cornered Haak to force yet another 10-count. Haak got a few short jabs in but Hammerschmitt controlled the opening round. Hammerschmitt used both hands effectively throughout the match. Though Haak made up some ground in the second round, Hammerschmitt sent Haak spinning with an early third-round strike, showing her dominance. Hammerschmitt dropped Haak in the corner late in the match, forcing a third and final 10-count. “The Hammer” lived up to her nickname in the unanimous victory.

Sami “The Smaller” Jorgensen (Blue) def. Anna “Pushin P” Prest (Gold)

Prest had the better of the attack early, cornering Jorgensen and forcing a 10-count with a well-timed right. Prest’s right hand struck early and often. However, Jorgensen landed a perfect headshot late in the first round to gain some momentum. Both boxers connected for a flurry of jabs right after the opening bell in the second round. Jorgensen drove Prest against the ropes at one point and controlled most of the second round, although Prest closed it out on a high note. Prest looked like her round-one self early in the final stanza, but Jorgensen quickly countered. Both boxers had impressive moments, but in the end, Jorgensen prevailed via split decision in one of the night’s most evenly fought bouts.

Gabi “Texan Perfection” Cano (Blue) def. Rosie “The Riveter” Binette (Gold)

Cano and Binette each came out firing on all cylinders, connecting with a plethora of jabs each. Binette used her footwork and quick hands to lay some blows, but Cano was quick to respond. A headshot by Cano late in the round necessitated a 10-count and a timeout from Binette’s corner at the end of the opening round. The second round began with fireworks from both sides once again before Cano connected on an impressive left. Cano drove Binette into a defensive posture that allowed her to largely control the round, forcing another 10-count just before the bell. Cano started round three with some well-executed strikes to the head. Binette was able to land a few counterstrikes. Each boxer traded a brief stretch of dominance before the bout concluded. In the end, Cano earned the victory by unanimous decision.

Maggie “Read the Observer” Eastland (Gold) def. Mary “Red Sky” Quirk (Blue) 

Editor’s Note: Eastland is Editor-in-Chief of The Observer.

This match had a bit of a feeling out period, with both boxers engaging short, quick jabs in the early going. Quirk connected for the first few big shots of the match, but Eastland answered shortly thereafter. Eastland began to take over with a few headshots as the first round progressed. Quirk pushed Eastland back early in the round, but Eastland heeded advice from her corner and began to strike back. Eastland controlled the second half of the middle round and rode that momentum into the final round. Eastland connected with Quirk’s head frequently, landing several well-timed blows in the final minute. Eastland earned the victory by unanimous decision.

Abby “Silence of the” Lamm (Gold) def. Luisa “Karma” Capobianco (Blue) 

Both boxers came out of the gate lashing all types of hits on each other. The crowd immediately got into the fight, chanting the fighters’ names. Capobianco connected on several high hits early in the match, but Lamm came right back with high hits of her own. Hits to the face were common all throughout round one of this fight. Capobianco got the edge by cornering Lamm several times and connecting on multiple shots. Capobianco took the edge in the early round and the crowd continued to build up the energy. In the second round, Lamm came out swinging on all cylinders and Capobianco came right back with hits of her own. The crowd continued to get louder throughout this round and chants of “Abby” helped her seal this round. In round three, Lamm continued where she left off and dominated in all aspects. With that momentum, Lamm earned the victory by unanimous decision.

Kim “The Grillmaster” Nguyen (Blue) def. MC “Can’t Touch This” Elliot (Gold)

Nguyen came out the gate hitting with force and high energy. She connected on a multitude of low shots that gave her momentum. The crowd quickly got into this match and chants of “Elliot” started. These chants helped Elliot connect with hits to the face to end the early round. Going into the second round, Nguyen continued where she left off with low body shots. She used her footwork and defense to drive her opponent back several times and land hits. Elliot, though, came right back and landed shots on her opponent. In the third round, both Nguyen and Elliot landed an equal amount of shots on each other. The crowd started to get into the fight as chants of both “Nguyen” and “Elliot” rained down. Elliot started to feed off this energy as she landed multiple head shots. In the end, though, Nguyen won by split decision.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article referred to Caroline Landry by the wrong nickname. The Observer regrets this error.

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