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Privacy Policy

We may collect personal or personally identifiable information from you when you use the site or when you participate in the site’s associated services that require this information. This information we collect may include, for example, your name, email address, country, social networking profiles, IP address, geographical location, comments, links, posts, feedback and preferences while using the site (collectively “Personal Information”).

Consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

By submitting information to the site, you agree to the terms contained within this Privacy Policy and its associated Terms of Service Agreement. We will only collect Personal Information from you when you voluntarily provide such information through your use of the site, although there is other information that our site and systems collect that is generally not connected with you or your profile.

By providing any Personal Information to The Observer, you understand and agree that we will collect and process your Personal Information in the United States and you provide your consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Information in the United States.

Use of Personal Information

The Observer may use Personal Information collected from you to provide you with the site or its associated services, to provide other users with the site and services, to respond to requests that you have initiated, to improve the site or our services, including but not limited to through our analysis of usage patterns and to communicate with you to update you on our site or services.

The Observer will not sell, rent, lease or transfer your Personal Information to any individual, business or government entity except to respond to duly authorized information requests by government authorities; to respond to a duly-authorized court order or subpoena; to protect the officers, directors, employees, shareholders or independent contractors of The Observer; or to help prevent against fraud or the violation of any applicable law, statute, regulation, ordinance or treaty.

The Personal Information that your provide to us, including but not limited to your email address, links to your social networking profiles, your country of origin and other profile characteristics may be displayed on your profile page, which may be accessible to all users of the site. Additionally, your Personal Information, including but not limited to your comments, posts and uploads, may be displayed on the site and may be viewed by third parties that access the site.

The Observer may receive your Personal Information from other sources, including but not limited to third-party sites that have contracted with us. We may also use this Personal Information pursuant to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

You understand and agree that The Observer is not responsible for any third-party links, content or communications sent to you from entities or individuals that we do not own or control. You should review the privacy policies of all third party sites.

Use of Cookies

We may collect information from you (albeit not the type of information that is normally associated with an individual) through the storage of data files on your computer called “cookies.” These cookies allow the site to recognize your computer when you revisit the site. Additionally, we may collect information from you through the use of “session cookies,” which help us track the pages that you visit during a single use of the site and ensure that users are not required to re-enter their usernames and passwords upon accessing each page of the site. These session cookies will expire once you leave the site.

Your web browser may provide you with the ability to block or limit cookies. If you object to our use of cookies, you should adjust your web browser’s settings accordingly.

Tracking Techniques

The Observer and our advertisers may collect Personal Information from you through the use of pixel tags, web beacons, JavaScript or other tracking techniques. This may be used for advertising purposes, whether contextual or otherwise, and may be shared with our advertisers to provide advertisers with information on the demographics or preferences of the site’s users.

Sale or Purchase of a Business Unit or Subsidiary

If The Observer acquires or sells a business unit or subsidiary, including but not limited to the complete sale of the site to a third party, your Personal Information may be transferred to a third party. If this happens, your Personal Information will continue to be used consistent with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Protection and Storage of Personal Information

The Observer undertakes commercially reasonable efforts to protect and secure your Personal Information. The Observer processes your Personal Information on computers located in the United States and has adopted procedural safeguards to protect against data theft. The Observer uses commercially standard and commercially reasonable encryption to ensure, to the extent possible, that your Personal Information is protected from unauthorized disclosure.

Should The Observer provide you with a Member Account, your Member Account may only be accessed through your entry of a username and password. You are advised not to share your Personal Information, including but not limited to your username and password, with any other person or entity.

Though we take the security of your Personal Information seriously, The Observer cannot guarantee that its servers and site are completely secure. We use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information, but you provide any and all Personal Information at your own risk.

Accuracy and Integrity of Personal Information

You are responsible for ensuring that your Personal Information is accurate, complete, current and relevant. You have an ongoing duty to inform us of any changes in your Personal Information.

Changes and Amendments

We reserve the right to amend, replace or discontinue the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service at any time.

Contact and Notices

All questions and concerns regarding these policies may be directed to The Observer by emailing the webmaster at [email protected]

Updated: Aug. 1, 2014