Alumni association announces retirement of Google services

The University of Notre Dame alumni association began notifying alumni of the termination of their Google services on Friday.

John Prette, the alumni association’s director of information technology, explained that Google announced in 2021 that their free storage service would no longer include unlimited storage. 

“While Google initially announced their intentions in 2021, they did not provide context or mechanisms by which we could comply until this year,” Prette wrote in an email. 

Prette further explained that this change in services means the alumni association would no longer be able to offer Google services for users of accounts ending in “”

“Our analysis showed the revised Google service did not allow us to meet the needs of our alumni. Our Google storage was more than 20x Google’s allowable limit and growing daily,” he said in the email. 

To help the affected users understand the situation and what they needed to do, Prette said his team published information on the alumni association website, which he said he hoped would make the transition timeline more clear. 

“We created the page on myNotreDame late last week in anticipation of the communications campaign that begins with an email which all impacted account holders are set to receive,” Prette wrote in an email. “The purpose of the page is to provide a single, definitive source of information for the transition as well as instructions and help for our alumni as we transition to personal accounts.”

The timeline for the shutdown of google services begins with the retirement of Google Drive and Photos Nov. 15, 2022. The shutdown of Gmail services will occur sometime mid 2023, the website says. 

The website lists resources for updating contact information, transferring data and creating a new free email account. 


Alumni Association announces 2022 Domer Dozen cohort

The Notre Dame Alumni Association and its YoungND board announced the recipients of the 2022 Domer Dozen award Thursday.

According to the Alumni Association, the Domer Dozen honors 12 Notre Dame graduates each year, age 32 or younger, ”for excellence in their contributions in faith, service, learning or work — the core pillars of the association’s mission.”

This year’s Domer Dozen honorees were chosen by a selection committee that included University officials, Alumni Association staff and the YoungND board, which represents the Alumni Association’s young alumni affinity group.

The selection committee considered 134 nominees in the selection process this summer and evaluated them “based on a weighted ranking system and their contributions in their respective fields.”

According to the Alumni Association, the alumni honored in this year’s Domer Dozen are:

DeJorie Monroe, class of 2016, for “Promoting intercultural understanding and global human development;”

Kiley Adams, class of 2017, for “Ensuring equitable access to outdoor spaces and medical care for people with disabilities;”

Ana Kent, class of 2013, for “Implementing psychological expertise to solve economic inequality;”

Connor Toohill, class of 2014, for “Providing mental health and well-being resources through social entrepreneurship;”

Meehan Lenzen, class of 2011, for “Empowering young women in STEM through community-based service;”

Ashley Murphy, class of 2016, for “Pursuing social justice through public health research;”

Adam René P. Rosenbaum, class of 2016, for “Putting faith into action on behalf of the poor and marginalized;”

John Brahier, class of 2014, for “Innovating to educate both the minds and hearts of students;”

Capt. John Dean, class of 2017, for “Saving lives and protecting the nation in hostile environments;”

Daara Jalili, class of 2017 and M.Ed. class of 2019, for “Committing to servant-leadership in the community and classroom;”

Rev. David Smith, C.S.C., class of 2014 and M.Div. class of 2020, for “Serving the community through religious vocation;”

And Kristin Andrejko, class of 2019, for “Collaborating to eradicate disease through scholarship and community service.”

The 2022 Domer Dozen cohort will return to campus Sept. 9 and 10 for a special recognition weekend and an awards dinner with the YoungND board and Alumni Association staff members.

They will also be recognized that weekend at the football game against Marshall University and will give short talks about their life and experiences since graduation in the LaFortune Ballroom on Friday, Sept. 9 at 2 p.m. The talks, titled “Beyond the Dome: Inspiration from the 2022 Domer Dozen,” are free and open to the public.