Zarazua: Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014, the game that could have changed it all

I have the weirdest hobbies sometimes; one of them is looking at past events for sports teams. Particularly where simple plays become pivotal moments in a team’s future, years beyond the game’s end. A lot of them are reaches for sure, but it’s always interesting to think about what would have happened if things went another way for another team. The one that I always think about though, as a Notre Dame football fan, through all the numerous quarterbacks, heartbreaking losses and coaching changes, was that fateful night on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. This is when No. 5 ranked Notre Dame traveled to Tallahassee to face defending national champions No. 2 ranked Florida State.

I do not think people remember well-enough how talented the 2014 Fighting Irish were. On the defensive side of the ball the Irish had Isaac Rochell, Drue Tranquill, Jaylon Smith and, of course, captain Joe Schmidt. On the offensive side quarterback Everett Golson was having an amazing comeback season, with weapons like Corey Robinson and Will Fuller, all while being protected by Nick Martin, Mike McGlinchey and Quenton Nelson.

Yes, that’s a lot of players, but that’s barely scratching the surface of this talented Irish squad. Everything was clicking for them going into the 7th game of the season including the demolishing of Michigan 31-0 and the game winning TD caught by Ben Koyack at home against Stanford. They were talented, clutch and, most importantly, a team. I truly felt that this team could beat anybody, and felt they were truly up for the challenge against Jameis Winston and Florida State, which we came to find out they were.

Showing remnants of the classic 1994 matchup, Notre Dame and Florida State were battling and dealing blows left and right. If one team gave a gut punch, the other gave one back. No matter what, it seemed that the game would come down to one final play… and it did.

With 7:39 left in the game, down 31-27, Notre Dame drove the whole length of the field with a chance to dethrone Florida State on the road. It came down to 17 seconds left, 4th and goal from the 2-yard line. The ball was snapped, Golson threw a pass to a wide open Corey Robinson and… touchdown; the Irish had the lead and most likely the game. I remember hugging my grandpa, an avid Notre Dame fan as well, and we were celebrating such an amazing win in an amazing game. Then, suddenly, my dad had to break the sad news to us: There was a flag.

My stomach literally dropped, “Pass interference, offense No. 7.” First off, Will Fuller never set the pick, it was sadly No. 20 C.J Prosise. I remembered trying my best to defend him, but of course, looking at it now, it was the most obvious pick I had ever seen, in a football game no less. Now, its 4th and 18, they did it earlier in the drive, they have to have the luck of the Irish on their side right? Nope, pressured, Golson had to let it fly early, with the ball seeming to have no clear target: game over, Irish lost.

While the outcome was gut wrenching, I have to admit that was one of my favorite games to ever watch. I saw all the future NFL talent on both teams, but it still sucks knowing that a simple screen cost Notre Dame a chance to beat the No. 2 team in the country. I was still optimistic about the season though, 6-1, playoff hopes were clearly still alive and they beat Navy in a nail biter the next week, but they’ll be fine. The Irish win next week against Arizona State and win out the rest of the season…right? Dead wrong.

The Irish completely collapsed, and seeing it every step of the way was heartbreaking and a little embarrassing to watch. They completely melted down against Arizona State. I saw it the most in Golson, who was once an amazing quarterback, who made plays left and right, now looking like a shadow of his former self in a span of two weeks. They continued to lose close games to Louisville and Northwestern at home, with the icing on the cake getting embarrassed by USC 49-14 to end the season. I remember vividly Brian Kelly screaming at his squad at halftime, delaying the band’s halftime show in the process.

Going from a No. 5 team with National Championship aspirations, to a 7-5 team playing the Music City Bowl, the Irish thankfully landed on somewhat of a good note. This time winning in a nail biter against Les Miles and LSU. However, against this team Golson was nowhere to be found. Rather, the Irish went with Malik Zaire, the lefty sophomore back up quarterback. Another sour note to end the season, Golson would eventually leave for Florida State, funny how life works, huh? Malik is the leader now, a promising young man, he’ll lead us to the promised land, right?

Nope, Malik, after a impressive debut against Texas, has a season ending injury against Virginia, leading the way for Deshone Kizer to take the lead. He played extremely well, leading the Irish to a 10-2 season, only to get demolished by Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Now, there is the problem of who will start next season, Kizer or Zaire? Well, looking back on it now, did it really matter? I don’t have to go into the details of that dreaded 4-8 season, but of course we know that Kizer eventually left early for the NFL. And, Zaire left for Florida, paving the way for Brandon Wimbush, who had a decent career with the Irish as well, only to, again, leave on a sour note, leaving for UCF after he was benched numerous times. For who, do you ask: the all time winningest quarterback in Notre Dame history, Ian Book. Ian was amazing as we all know, but sadly, even he couldn’t get us over that final hump. After he left, Jack Coan took over, a decent year, only to choke again in the Fiesta Bowl after Brian Kelly left too. 

Now we are here, 2022. Marcus Freeman is our head coach and Tyler Buchner was supposed to lead the team, only to get hurt and have Drew Pyne take over…sounds like we’ve witnessed this one too many times, huh? With playoff hopes seemingly dead for this year, we again have to wait another year to finally win it all for the first time since 1988. Still though, it makes you wonder how different things could’ve been if that one simple play went our way.

What if the penalty was never called? Would Notre Dame win out? Would Golson be considered the greatest quarterback in Notre Dame history? Would we win again if Golson didn’t transfer? Would Brian Kelly still be here? Well, I definitely don’t know but it’s funny how the butterfly effect works though, isn’t it?

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The Observer predicts Notre Dame-Marshall

The home opener has arrived. The Irish take on Marshall in Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday and The Observer’s football beat has locked in their predictions.

Aidan Thomas – Sports Editor

The defense was even better than I expected in the opener, but the offense experienced some hiccups. Some were foreseen, like the Irish struggling to run the ball without Jarrett Patterson and minimal availability from Logan Diggs. Others, like the rest of the offensive line struggling, and the Irish only completing ten passes, were less foreseen. 

Marshall has a defensive line and pass rush that could give the Irish a better test than many expect. The Thundering Herd are a tricky opponent, and flashbacks of Toledo last season make me second-guess picking a total blowout in Freeman’s head coaching debut at Notre Dame stadium. Talent wins out, however, and the Irish pull away in the second half. 

Notre Dame 34, Marshall 6 

Mannion McGinley – Assistant Managing Editor

Regardless of the final score last weekend, the Irish looked good. The defense looked incredible, the line didn’t pick up a lot of stats but repeatedly forced C.J. Stroud to prove how good he is. On offense, the Irish didn’t excel in everything. There wasn’t any sort of explosion on the field, nor did the Irish take any real long-shot opportunities, either because they were shut down or they chose not to.

That being said, this is the weekend to push that envelope, test the waters and see what Buchner can really do. Might be a rocky first quarter and we’ve been burned before playing to the level of our opponent but under Freeman the Irish play at their top at any given moment. There’s at least one interception, and Buchner sends a long ball for a touchdown time and again. The defense still shines, and the offense joins the ranks — electing to be aggressive. 

Notre Dame 45, Marshall 10

Nate Moller – Sports Writer

This game feels similar to last year’s season opener against Toledo where the Irish needed to score a last-minute touchdown to secure a victory. Coming off of a huge game against Ohio State, Marshall could definitely catch the Irish sleeping in their home opener just like Toledo did. The Thundering Herd are no slouch either, and they are coming off of a dominating 55-3 win last week, although it was against FCS opponent Norfolk State. The Thundering Herd are led by quarterback Henry Colombi, who played seven games for Texas Tech last season. On the ground, the Thundering Herd have Ethan Payne and Khalan Laborn, who each rushed for over 100 yards last week.

The Irish defense was much better than expected against a potent Ohio State offense, and they should be ready to match up against a much less talented Marshall team. I expect the Irish defensive line to get plenty of pressure on Marshall quarterback Henry Colombi throughout the game and force some turnovers as well. On the offensive side of the ball, Tommy Rees should be more comfortable letting Tyler Buchner air the ball out behind the home crowd. Towards the second half, the Irish will figure out their running game and have a couple of big rushes from Chris Tyree as well. I expect the Thundering Herd to hang around for a bit, but the Irish pull away at the end.

Notre Dame 41, Marshall 17

Emily DeFazio – Associate Sports Editor

Ohio State exposed where the Irish need to fine-tune things ahead of their home opener against Marshall. The team we saw in the first half at OSU is the team that needs to show up in South Bend Saturday afternoon. Despite the loss, the game in Columbus confirmed one thing for me–there is significant talent on this Irish team. They just need to figure out how best to use it.

Marshall’s defense is their strongest suit, while Notre Dame’s offense is their weakest as of now. With a shaky offensive strategy and the mental challenges that come with a loss under their belt, the Irish could be in a position like they were last year against Toledo where an expected win turned into a bit of a nail-biter. On the flip side, Notre Dame’s will seems stronger than last season, and they can use the setback as motivation, not as a source of discouragement. If Buchner is allowed to throw the ball and the offense can get their rhythm back, I expect a solid win for the Irish.

Notre Dame 35, Marshall 10

Liam Coolican – Associate Sports Editor

This game worries me more than I care to admit. It has all the makings of a trap game, as Notre Dame spent all summer preparing for Ohio State, and they now have to bounce back physically and emotionally and prepare for another contest right away. It isn’t just the timing of the game that concerns me, however; Marshall is a very good Group of Five opponent, and one that Irish fans would do well not to overlook. 

That being said, *knocks on wood*, Notre Dame doesn’t lose trap games; they haven’t lost to an unranked opponent since the disastrous 2016 season. Marshall will keep the game close for a half, but Notre Dame’s superior talent level and home-field advantage will help them pull away by the fourth quarter. 

Notre Dame 31, Marshall 7

Madeline Ladd – Associate Sports Editor

This weekend is predicted to be somewhat of a cakewalk for the Irish, and there are lots the team can take advantage of as they take on the Thundering Herd at home. With star running back Rasheen Ali out for Marshall, one of the few potential threats for the Irish is no longer in question. The Irish have lots of room to show what they can do, as well as work on improving against a low-risk team. The loss against Ohio State pointed to some glaring shortcomings, especially in terms of the offensive line. The Irish certainly cannot get sleepy despite the lack of threat, as this is the perfect weekend to regroup and refine. I think Notre Dame will undoubtedly claim the victory this weekend, but not with Marshall sneaking one in for good measure. 

Notre Dame 35, Marshall 7