An update on our website

You may notice that this site looks different.

For the last month or so, we have been experiencing issues with our regular website. We worked on the bugs internally over the summer, but when our regular production resumed this fall and it was still not up and running, we contracted outside of our organization.

At The Observer, we pride ourselves on publishing daily content to the tri-campus community. While we were still able to resume our three-day-a-week printing schedule for the physical edition of the paper, we recognized that just having a physical paper wasn’t enough to continue to inform our national audience of parents, alumni and faculty.

Thus, we decided to create a temporary website, which you are currently visiting right now, with the same domain.

This site has its shortcomings. None of our previous thousands of articles are available here, and we don’t have the add-ons that make our regular site an enjoyable reading experience. However, we know that a temporary way to inform our readers and digitally publish the work of our staff is more important than no digital presence at all.

We have one more step in restoring our normal website and hope to have it running by the next time you’re visiting our site.

As always, you can pick up our print edition Monday, Wednesday and Friday across the tri-campus.

Thank you for your continued patience and support,

Alysa Guffey, Editor-in-Chief

Aidan O’Malley, Managing Editor

Maggie Eastland, Assistant Managing Editor

Mannion McGinley, Assistant Managing Editor

Genevieve Coleman, Assistant Managing Editor