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Terms of Service


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We believe that discussion is great. To help facilitate that, we provide a service to allow comments and other user-generated content on our website. The ability to post user-generated content on the Site is provided as a service to our users, intended to facilitate the exchange of informed ideas that promote productive dialogue about the news. We will remove user-generated content that we believe violate the Terms of Service, and we will do our best to be careful and consistent in moderating. We ask that you keep discussion on our site clean and respectful.

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The Observer will never edit a portion of a piece of user-generated content to remove inappropriate, libelous or otherwise damaging material, or otherwise change the meaning of a comment. Comments deemed inappropriate will be removed in its entirety, even if the remainder of the comment does not contain inappropriate material.

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Prohibited Activities

This Site may include interactive features such as blogs, comment tools and email services. Responsibility for what is posted using these features lies with each user. You are responsible for the material you post or send. Conditions for your use of the site assumes that you will not:

While we will do our best to, we have no obligation to monitor any bulletin boards, chat rooms, blogs or other interactive areas of the site for prohibited activity. We will remove any prohibited content when brought to our attention (see “User-Generated Content”).

While we will not freely give, sell or provide any content, we reserve the right to disclose any information to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request.

We may also remove or refuse to post information or material that is objectionable or in violation of our Terms of Service. Violation of our Terms of Service may result in denial of services.

Updated: Aug. 1, 2014